Making Peace With Rejection

You know, I’ve always been that person who’s afraid of being rejected. After facing it so many times in my life, you would think I would have toughened up by now; but no.  I’ve spent an inordinate amount of energy trying to safeguard against it.

Well, I just realized a truth about it that will permanently end my quest. The truth is rejection is a good thing.  Let me explain.

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Vicarious Living

So I just had an aha! moment.  As I was putting my son to bed for a nap, I was reflecting on an incident I saw as I left my daughter at school this morning.  One of her classmates was being addressed out by the parking lot by either a teacher or the director for misconduct the day before.  Not wanting to eavesdrop, but being unable to miss snippets of the conversation,(it’s the parking lot/drop-off zone!), it dawned on me how quickly our youth are losing their innocence today.  It just seems so accelerated.  Their behavior is just Continue reading

What The Miami Heat Taught Me About Life

So, it’s been a couple of weeks now since the gut-wrenching, nail-biting, cliff-hanger-moments NBA Finals.  For a lot of us, our emotions are probably still trying to regulate themselves.  I know for me, I haven’t been able to watch the Confederate Cup (any game) as yet; simply because my emotions begged me for a time-out.  My team won in the end, and I walked away ultimately happy, if a bit delirious from the roller-coaster ride that it was.  I won’t chronicle the details of my pain as each series unfolded, leading up to the end, (it’d be painful for both of us, trust me). Continue reading

My New BFF

The bathroom has always been a haven for me. My sanctuary. An oasis of sort. My personal spa. True, I do most of the work including any massages received, but I’ve been happy with that. I’m obsessed with baths, always have been. And take delirious pleasure choosing an array of all bath products; salts, scrubs, masks, pillows; you name it, I smell it, I’m game.
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All Work and No Play?

As I note my daughter’s progress in school, I find myself conflicted on how to hold up, (or down) my end of the bargain.  How do I make supplemental work at home fun, yet challenging?  You see, I homeschooled my daughter from her preschool years through kindergarten.  I remember the angst I grappled with worrying over whether I was giving her the best as her teacher or if I was pushing her too hard.  I was constantly torn between wanting to be a phenomenal teacher to her and feeling slightly out of my depths.  You see, I was an Early Childhood teacher for most of my career and assisted in the first grade in the public school system.  So education is in my blood so to speak, and with my child I wanted her to have the best of all I had to give. However, I watched her getting bored with being the only pupil, and the advent of her baby brother didn’t help.  Between Continue reading

Watcha Talking ‘Bout

Ever feel like you’re being punked by your kids?  I look around to see if I can spot Ashton Kutcher or Nick Cannon.  Because surely we can’t be having this conversation again! Not after we just had it…FIVE minutes ago!!!!

The Road of Success

I had an epiphany today driving by my lonesome from the Pediatrician, (tot sleeping in back).  The Road to Success should be more appropriately termed, The Road OF Success. Along the way to achieving a major life goal by way of a career or otherwise , we sometimes miss the small, seemingly insignificant achievements we make along the way.  The way of success is very much paved with excruciatingly painful moments, where we have to navigate betwixt two places.  Choose one mind over the other.  Make ourselves go down roads and take turns we don’t really feel like taking.

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Hello World!

So here I am.  Wife, Mother, Woman, Child of God.  I started this blog about 3-4 years ago and left it hanging.  Life happened and now here I am, drawn back because of my love of writing, and a desire to share my thoughts on life as it happens to me.

I am no expert in anything, so will not offer myself as one.  I am, however,  a pilgrim like many of you; navigating my way through this world while wearing all the hats mentioned above, and then some; and I know there is “nothing new under the sun…”. (Ecc. 1:9) So I want to start a dialogue in which we discuss life as it unfolds.  Not as victims, but as active, pro-active livers (if there is such a word) using life as a tool; a gift, and creating something uniquely ours with it. Continue reading


You ever heard the saying, “Life is tough”?  How about, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”?  Well, I recently discovered what tough is: God’s peace.  God’s peace is tough.  In John 14:27 Jesus tells us that He has given us peace.  Not just any kind of peace, not circumstantial peace.  But His peace.  Deep down-in-your-spirit peace that does not depend on external calm.  I’ve learnt that God’s peace is not the absence of trouble or turmoil.  It is the steadying force by which we can stay focused on Him and the task at hand, and recognize His light as He shines it so that we can find our way out of that trouble and turmoil.  And His Word is His light. Continue reading